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It is not all sheep here at Eweniverse. I am happy to work away from the flock, as you will see from some of my previous commissions and fun projects. I love working with other people and helping visions come to life.

Do you have an idea, but don't know where to start? Maybe I can help? Why not contact me HERE or via Social Media and we can have a chat.


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wooliamgang pin (2).jpg
Enamel pin design Gang

Susan, a fantastic creator of beautiful woolly mice requested help with designing and producing a pin to go with her woolly creations. These amazing pins are the result of our collaboration.

Enamel pin design

Crafty Features

Lee over at Crafty Features (a brilliant supporter of small businesses!) approached me to see if I could help her to design and create pins for her followers. This sparkly pin was the result!

zoombg crop.png
Custom design

Zoom background

Sarah asked me to design a fun Zoom background for her meetings. This ticks all the boxes for her!

cheesy lover (7).jpg
Enamel pin design

He's a cheesy lover

Another pin designed for Susan at - loved creating this one!

Logo & Branding

Yellowlees Family Farm

Yellowlees Farm asked me to create some cute graphics and a logo for their fantastic farm in Canada. I love how these turned out and how the designs have since been used.

Pin design


The fab Little Bee Bakery commissioned me to design & create an enamel pin for them to sell alongside their amazing bakes.

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