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The Eweniverse story..

Hello, I'm Craig, the creator, illustrator and Grand Master of "pun-fu" behind Eweniverse.

Eweniverse is a flock full of cute, funny and most importantly, puntastic sheep. Having studied fine art in Cardiff, I was fortunate to exhibit some artworks in and around Gloucestershire, Following on from this, I started doodling and drawing illustrations of sheep, and it was whilst doodling a cartoon captioned "Black Sheep of the Family" that an explosion of punny ideas and images came to mind. From here the flock grew quickly, with "Baaa Code" and "Lamb Post" to name a few. 

Now, almost 9 years on, after lots of outdoor markets and a busy Etsy shop, the flock has not only grown in illustrations but the designs are available on enamel pins, coasters, bags, clothing, stickers, mugs and lots more. 

Eweniverse is very much a family business, even my little lambs  now come up with ideas for puns and illustrations, as well as being vital posting and packing helpers of course. 

On top of constantly expanding the flock, I also love helping to design products and branding for other companies and individuals. If you wish to take a peek, a few of these can be found in the Projects page.

Thank ewe for reading and I hope you enjoy the fun as much as I have enjoyed creating all that is Eweniverse!


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